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About Us

Our Board Team

Our team here at Eye Drive is a carefully hand picked collection of like minded individuals who want to help the blind and seeing impaired community find hope through golf.

We want to be a great resource to those who qualify understand and feel at peace with golf. 

Our mission is to help :

- COACHING & MEMBERSHIPS : with our caddies and online platforms to help others line up the golfer and understand where to start. 

- RESOURCEFULNESS : being resourceful to both the blind and golf community by building a safe platform to ease the introduction to both. Resources of education of both, equipment to both, and community to both is our mission.

- CLINICS & EVENTS : understand where we will be to help promote our help through the online platforms and events in your local area.

Golf Partners

Resources : Skillsets, Education & Accessibility

We have connections to the long drive community, the military community, professional golfers, professional coaches, professional equipment dealers, facilities, & much more throughout the United States of America.

Our Tests

When is our next Event?

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